Accelerate customer engagement

Decentralize your entire project with our SDK. Start by adding a video hosted on 0Chain dStorage.

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Footage courtesy of: NASA / ESRS Footage repair, image processing: ‘Orbit’ Seán Doran

Power your customer engagement, reach, and site uptime with decentralized storage


Limitless Availability

Global reach with CDN-like scale and unparalleled uptime.


Limitless Performance

Maximize engagement by adding rich media files on your website

High Performance

Limitless Resiliency

Eliminate attack threats by fragmenting data. No single point of attack.


Mesmerize your customer with live streamed data


Limitless Resiliency

Your data is broken up into fragments and stored with different storage providers, meaning your data does not exist on one distinct node, so there is no single point of failure or attack from hackers, and no business threat from censorship.