Welcome to your limitless decentralized privacy cloud

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Our Promise

We are dedicated to providing you with absolute privacy & uncompromising security.

Absolute Privacy

Limitless Privacy

Rest assured your private data is just that - private.

Limitless Control

Control who sees your information- share data privately and anonymously.

Cost Advantage<

Limitless Streaming

Get your content faster with higher resolution downloads and 4k streaming.



If they store your data, they see your data.

Don’t trust big tech with your pictures, personal financial details or important documents? 0Chain is here to help! We have absolutely no access or interference in your data, so if privacy matters to you, 0Chain is the perfect solution for you.



Fragmented data is secure data.

Fragmentation is a simple base layer of security that is native to the protocol and it prevents hackers from getting full access to your data. Encryption adds another security layer and our proxy sharing protocol makes it simple to share such encrypted data